Nation's Capital to open esports arena in 2018

Washington D.C. is entering the esports industry with the announcement of building an esports arena, and sponsoring major esports team. With the recently opening of an esports arena in Las Vegas, which just recently hosted the Halo Championship Series, the construction of the arena in Washington D.C. is a positive sign of the growing esports industry.

Events DC announced that will sponsor NRG Esports, who is co-founded by Sacramento Kings Co-owners Andy Miller and Mark Mastrov. Other investors of NRG Esports, include former professional athletes Shaquille O'Neal, Alex Rodriquez, and Jimmy Rollins. Andy Milller sees the potential in the new arena with the amount of international tourists that visit the Nation's capital.

Miller said, "What we want to do is get our brand - as a city and as Events DC- out into the country and across the globe in various ways."

Max Brown, the chairman of Events DC, told Mashable, "We think it makes a lot of sense for us a city to plant a flag and ultimately be the capital of esports like we're the capital of the United States."

The arena will also host the Mystics, and be a practice facility for the Washington Wizards.