Call of Duty World League pools for stage 1 are set

The Call of Duty Global Pro League pool were drawn today on Teams from North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific will be in action beginning April 21st. There will be nine teams from North America, six from Europe, and one for Asia Pacific. Below are the teams listed in each group.

Group Red - Week one (April 20-23)

- Team EnVyUs (Qualified ranked 4th in North American)

- Splyce (Qualified ranked 1st in Europe)

- Cloud9 (Qualified ranked 8th in North America)

- Mindfreak (Qualified ranked 1st in Asian-Pacific)

Group Blue - Week two (April 27-30)

- Faze Clan (Qualified ranked 3rd in North America)

- Rise Nation (Qualified ranked 6th in North America)

- Fnatic (Qualified ranked 4th in Europe)

- Evil Geniuses (Qualified ranked 9th in Europe)

Group Yellow - Week three (May 4-7)

- eUnited (Qualified ranked 2nd in North America)

- Luminosity Gaming (Qualified ranked 5th in North America)

- Millenium (Qualified ranked 3rd in Europe)

- Epsilon (Qualified ranked 6th in Europe)

Group Green - Week four (May 11-14)

- Optic Gaming (Qualified ranked 1st in North America)

- Red Reserve (Qualified ranked 2nd in Europe)

- Enigma6 (Qualified ranked 7th in North America)

- Elevate (Qualified ranked 5th in Europe)

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