The Evil Within 2 Recap


Sequels are notoriously known for taking a step back in a series whether it's video games, movies, or even music. However, The Evil Within 2 defeats the odds and is the best action-horror game in the genre right now. It's a well-rounded, fun, entertaining, intense, and challenging ride from start to finish.


Evil Within 2 takes place three years after the events of Evil Within. Experiencing the post-trauma effects of Beacon Mental Hospital, the "loss" of his daughter, and his wife Myra leaving him, Detective Sebastian Castellanos is found in a bar by his former partner Juli Kidman.

Kidman explains to Sebastian that she is a MOBIUS agent and that his daughter is still alive. Hard to believe for Sebastian, he tells Kidman that she's lying and tries to escape the MOBIUS agents, whom are with Kidman, he then gets taken to the MOBIUS facility to save Lily and fix the STEM system.


Entering the STEM system, Sebastian finds himself in Union. A town that is falling apart with pieces of the town broken apart, the undead running around killing any live prey, and dead citizens of Union. Throughout the first half of Evil Within the tone is leveled but stays at a good pace. The second of the half game sets a complete different tone compared to the early chapters of the campaign. In the early chapters Sebastian uncovers who's responsible for chaos in union, while at the same time battling his inner memories from Beacon. Sebastian is tossed back and forth between the world of his memories, and Union throughout the game. The later chapters amp up the intensity and puts Sebastian toe-to-toe with his guilt and past.


The Evil Within 2 gameplay aspect stands out throughout the play through. You can approach nearly any situation however you choose. Whether it's using stealth, close-range or long-range combat, or simply escaping a hectic situation. The amount of ammunition is spread about well throughout the game. Even times where there was little to no ammo, I could make progress through the area and scavenge what I needed. There are side missions that give you objectives that can lead to ammunition, new weapons, and background stories related to the main story.

Each MOBIUS agent that you come across has a safe-house to where you could save progress, visit the nurse to upgrade your abilities, and craft new more firepower, fire rate, range, and ammo capacity for your weapons. Boss fights are challenging but the options to how you approach them gives you a variety of ways to defeat them. Although, throughout fights there are times where you have to learn by trial and error but not to the point where it becomes frustrating. Each weapon comes with different types that you can switch back and forth to. This adds to the element of variety to take on enemies throughout the game.


The Evil Within 2 is a complete package of polished graphics, horror, gameplay, and entertainment for any person to enjoy. Even if you're completely new to the Evil Within 2 series you'll be wanting for more once you finish the game. Tango Gameworks and Bethesda, who are known for the recent DOOM games, sets up for an epic trilogy in the Evil Within series. Recently, the addition of first person mode has been added to the game which brings a new perspective to the game. The Evil Within 2 is one of those rare story driven single-player game that'll make you want to replay it for it's versatility, scares, and new challenges once you finish it.

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