Halo Championship Series 2018 Finals Day 2 Recap

Image Credit: Halowaypoint.com

Day 2 of Halo Championship Series had competitive and dominating matches in pool play, winner's bracket, and elimination bracket. Here's the breakdown and highlight's of yesterday's action.

Pool A

Pool A consisted of Splyce, Str8 Rippin, Fable Esports, and Beserker Esports. Splyce dominated Pool A by sweeping their competition including a 3-0 sweep of Str8 Rippin to secure the 1 seed. They would later advance to the winner's bracket. Str8 Rippin won both series against Fable Esports, and Berserker Esports going a total of 6-1 to advance to the loser's bracket.

Pool B

Coming out of Pool B, heavy favorites Tox Gaming had no trouble with a total of nine wins and one loss to enter the winner's bracket. While, Renegades went 3-1 vs Wise Gaming, and Swept Mindfreak to enter the loser's bracket.

Pool C

In Pool C Reciprocity advanced to the winner's bracket with a total of nine wins and one loss to Team infused. Team Infused would later be setup with a match against Splyce in the winner's bracket. Oxygen Supreme and Myztro were eliminated from competition.

Pool D

Team Envyus came out of Pool D dominating Elevate, Vexed Gaming, and Team Immunity. Elevate went a total of seven wins and three loses. They would later meet 2 seed Tox Gaming in the winner's bracket.

Winner's Bracket

Team Envyus squared off against Renegades in a close seven game series With Team Envyus winning Game 7. Team Envyus later faced Splyce in a six game series. Team Envyus came out the gate with a 2-1 lead over Splyce but Splyce would win three straight to advance to Round 3 of the winner's bracket

Three seed Reciprocity swept Str8 Rippin in the first round of the winner's bracket to meet Tox Gaming, who won in five against Elevate in the first round of the winner's bracket. Tox Gaming won Game 1 of Capture the Flag 3-2, and a close game of slayer 50-42 in Game 2, and Game 3 against Reciprocity. Reciprocity were flirting with a reverse sweep by taking Game 4 of Capture the Flag, and Game 5 of Slayer.

However, Tox Gaming were able to pull out the fourth win with a nearly flawless performance by winning 100-3 in strongholds on Plaza. This would setup a meeting a with Splyce in the third round on Championship Sunday.

Loser's Bracket

In the loser's bracket Renegades won 4-1 against team infused to advance to the second round. They play Reciprocity in Round 2 on Championship Sunday. Elevate swept Str8 Rippin to eliminate them from competition. Elevate have a matchup with Team Enyus on Championship Sunday.